Scanning and DVD/CD Writing

For Web 
up to 30mb 
Prices are each and are plus VAT.

Scans from individual processed film 35mm, 120, 5x4 & Artwork

Web scans are only of web or very small outputs these are low Res for screen. 
Upto 30MB files will cover an image upto A4 so for any image in a A4 document this is the size you want. 
For scans between 30 - 50 MB will output around A3 depending on printing method used.  
100MB file sizes can output anything around A2 or A1.

All Scans are specific to requirements of size(print or image size), resolution(dpi), and RGB or CMYK. Please give details when ordering. Prices inc CD/DVD.

DVD/CD Writing.

It is necessary to put scans onto DVD/CD. We save the scans in TIFF format which hardly alters the original scan,although the file sizes are bigger.

The DVD holds 4GB of information: you don't have to write all of this at once - you can do it inseveral sessions.  These do take up 10MB per session so it is unwise to use too many, plus it costs and additional £5 for every time we have to write a session. The DVD can be written in any format for Mac or PC or a Hybrid format which can be read by both platforms.


1 -5 scans
10plus scans

Prices are each DVD/CD and plus VAT, includes DVD/CD cover and all set up fees.

DVD Writing from supplied data/duplicate DVDs.

Apart from storing scans, DVDs can be used to produce libraries or archives of your floppy disks or zipdisks. You can also have a DVD of your artwork or backup your Hard Drive. You can have DVDs madefor promotional and distribution purposes.  

The information can be dropped off, sent or we can pickup (time allowing). The Disks can be
standard floppy 2.5" or Zip disks.  If you have a Zip drive but only one or two disks you can hire additional disks for £2 each.  Each disk holds 100MB so to fill a CD you would need 7 - you can hire 7disks for £7. And obviously the information can be sent on CD for back up or duplication.  

£25 to produce DVD from files
Extra copies 
£10 1-10 
£7.50 10-20 each 

The DVD is made with a cover or an index of the information. If you wish to have a DVDCD duplicated for backup purposes we offer a service where you can have a backup copy done. The DVD can be made with a cover or an index of the information

Backup and duplication copies of DVD's £15 each 

Transfer of Vinyl LP records onto Audio CD's.

We can now offer this new service. The transfer of LP records onto Audio CD's. This service includes the transfer of your old LP vinyl records into a digital format, writing to Audio CD and the scanning of the original sleeves and printing onto Photo Quality injet paper, resized to fit the CD covers. This service costs £15 plus VAT per LP. Please note that the original quality of the vinyl LP record will determine the final quality of the Audio CD, stratches etc on the LP records will still be heard on the CD, this process only converts the LP to CD it does not enhance or detract from the quality of sound of the original. £15 plus VAT per LP

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