Digital Manipulation / Imagery

Photo manipulation prices depend on the complicity, type of subject matter and amount of work to be done. We like to quote on number of hours to conduct we have a rough guide below.

To start a manipulation you will need the original scanned-see scan prices. The original image can be scanned from print if that is all you have, or it can be scanned from original transparency or negative. If your artwork, painting or photograph is more than A4 you will need to have it photographed - copywork photography

11Hourly Rate
£55 first hour, then £40 per hour
Hourly Time Guide
Simple touching up & stratch/tear removal
1-6 Hours work
Moving & removing of objects, people, buildings etc
2-10 Hours work
Super imposing of objects, backgrounds & colour manipulation
3-15 Hours work
Complete composition created from various images & major restoration 5-20+ Hours work
Formatting and adjusting digital files for colour balance, sharpness unwanted marks etc
1 Hour per 20-30 files

All prices are plus VAT

Original Image ©

After Manipulation ©

The example above took 7 Hours and was of an old oil painting that had deteriorated over time it was photographed on 5" x 4"  film then scanned, restored and outputted at 24" 30" and canvas bonded for an oil painting texture look. 
Once the manipulation is done it goes to the printers - see the digital photographic section on the printing page for the options and price.

To send it to the printers it has to be put onto CD. Look at CD Writing prices for cost of this. Remember, this it is not money wasted you get to keep the CD and it comes with a Thumbnail (small picture) of the manipulated image and your original scanned images.

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