Photographic Print Prices

From Col Trans
From Col Neg
Digital Files
Black & White
5" x 5" 
5" x 7" 
8" x 6"
8" x 8" 
10" x 8"

All prices are plus VAT

Sizes not listed are available on request.
2 or more prints of the same size and from same image are subject to a quanity discount. Please contact us.
5" x 5" colour prints sets from col neg (12 on roll) £25

About Digital Prints

Digital prints are real photographic prints. They are a true photographic process and come in lustre or gloss finish.

To print you will need to have the originals on a CDR as digital files JPEGs or TIFFs (supplied with all our Digital Photography) or the original image will have to be scanned so see scanning. Then you will need your image put on to a removable format llike CD so look at CD writing.

Digital photography by us will be written as digital files on CD already.

Postcards and greeting cards from Photographs or Artwork

The postcards are of beautiful quality they come in 260 gsm special postcard paperboard. They have a UV-varnished finish and trimmed with straight edge.

What is the process?


To produce your postcard from an image you can either have it scanned (see Scanning Prices ) from a transparency or flat artwork, or supply us with the design or image you want. You have to e-mail for the specifications of the image if you are supplying. Or, we can design the artwork for your postcard.

Step 2

Once we have the image, we have to format it ready for the printers. Also we have to design the layout for the reverse of the postcard. You can give us the details and any logos or images you wish to include on the reverse. This is only printed in 1 colour - grey.
This cost £30 per card includes colour proof for the printers and data on to CD.

Step 3

The Final image is then checked over with you and then it is put onto to CD then sent of and printed. The prices for the printing are below. These prices include a proof of the postcard before it goes to print.

Cards A6
Cards A5
1000 cards
2000 cards
3000 cards
4000 cards
P & P £15.50 £15.50

per 1000


All prices are plus VAT

Hi-Res quick run Injet Prints

Inkjet prints are of photographic quality and are an alternative method of reproducing work, our inkjet prints are glossy ,matt or silk finish on brilliant white paper, canvas paper and more types. Remember these are instant and in house, so short run same day printing is possible.

A5 98mm x 150mm  £3.50

A4 210mm x 297mm  £7.00

A3 325mm x 485mm  £18.00

A2 plus size e-mail or call

All prices are plus VAT

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